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Upcycling Waste Should Be the Conscious People’s Social Obligation


Industrial and domestic wastes are valuable materials: this forms the foundation of Revox Australia’s entrepreneurial success, the business foundation and the basis driving revenue.

Revox Australia takes pride in upcycling industrial and domestic by-products. In particular, our focus is the treating of waste streams from mining and oil and gas industries. 

Built upon a strong research background , we investigate waste products and propose environmentally conscious solutions. 

Revox Australia is equipped with the personnel to research solutions and upcycle the waste  sourced from a wide range of industries such asoil & gas, mining, industrial, construction industries and other more general types of by-products (glass, plastic, paper, agricultural).

We are equipped to solve waste problems and convert the waste into useable, quality-assured, and profitable green materials.

The upcycled products are primarily directed towards construction and energy sectors

Our Services


Recycling of mineral waste

Understanding the valuable minerals locked away in the waste, extracting it and re-using is extremely important and mineral become depleted due to ongoing mining and useage


Oil and gas infrastructure end-of-life management

Globally, many oil and gas onshore and offshore facilities are reaching their End-of-Life and what to do with the facilities and infrastructure poses major problems to the world. The facilities can contain highly dangerous, radioactive and toxic materials which require careful and expert research to assess for any upcycling opportunities.


Green construction materials

The solar panel revolution harnessing the suns energy has transformed the way of life of many, but when the millions of panels come to their End-of-Life (which is now happening now) then a solution must be developed to upcycle these panels to ensure they don’t end up in landfill which is generally what’s been occurring.


Green construction materials

Although there has been a recent focus on upcycling of construction waste this only represents a small percentage of construction waste actually upcycled with the rest ending up in landfills. More can be done and to upcycle the construction materials for re-use, saving energy, resources and the planet.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Certified Experts

Founded on research as our pillar, Revox Australia has world leading in-house experts to solve the most complex problem and developing simple and practical solutions

Industry Knowledge

Through its established network of global contacts, Revox Australia keeps abreast of what’s happening globally to ensure that the most upto date information is used and cutting edge technology applied

Turnkey Solution

Revox Australia offers services through the full lifecycle of a Project from initial study, detailed engineering, implementation, maintenance, operations support to decommissioning. Revox Australia has extensive experience in Project Management, Estimating, Planning, Contracting, Commercial Negotiations, Construction and Commissioning of Mega Projects

Revox has a team of professionals including engineers, scientists, technicians and a flexible workforce

Revox Australia (referred to as Revox) Pty Ltd is affiliated with Select Building Supplies.