Revox uses De-CO2

Revox uses De-CO2 with Hemp Plantation and Construction

Revox Australia Pty Ltd. is a leader in renewable solutions and sustainable building products by upcycling industrial and domestic by-products. Revox is equipped with professionals to deliver large projects of national and international significance. We continue to collaborate with and support R&D-working universities around Australia. Revox aims to develop carbon certification for the cultivation of industrial hemp and unlock the full potential of the carbon-negative value of hemp production through the development of novel engineered building products.

Carbon sequestration is an urgent issue for most heavy industries in Australia. Revox has established facilities throughout Australia and brought together a team of experts to tackle carbon emissions in the most efficient way. We are collaborating with a reputable research institution to deliver projects of the highest standard. We support fast-track R&D through our partnership with hemp farmers and Greenlab, which supplies Good Manufacturing Practise-grade pharmaceutical products for the emergent medicinal cannabis markets in New Zealand, Australasia, and North America.

Industrial hemp plants sequester 8–15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare, twice as effectively as forests. Revox proposes to use hemp farming as a solution to offset carbon emissions from the Australian industry.


Industrial hemp has been considered one of the best natural carbon sequesters on the planet. In addition to the direct capture through cultivation, efforts to offset carbon by using hemp-based products are known to be effective. Currently, the Australian hemp industry is in its infancy with regards to scale and value of production. Revox proposes to contribute to achieving the net zero emission target through the cultivation of hemp and the development of viable technologies that maximise the usability and quality of building materials developed from hemp.

Revox is working with the hemp plant as an innovative timber alternative. Australia is facing a shortage in timber supply due to increased housing demand, bush fires, and a push to halt deforestation by 2030. We have a well-established collaborative partnership with APR Composites (APR), part of the APR Manufacturing Group, which is a leading Australian manufacturer, designer, and supplier of sustainable composite products across a wide range of industries for Local and International markets. Revox has already trialled hemp-timber products on a large scale.